About Us


The Just Coffee Company strives to bring our customers the most ethical and authentic cup of coffee possible. We are driven through premium quality, ethical practises and ensuring that all of our coffee is roasted using traditional methods.


HOW IT STARTED - A Narrative from the Founder

The journey of The Just Coffee Company began during a trip to Colombia in 2018. A last minute decision to backpack through the country led me to a small town in the North West Region called Salento. Salento is an amazing village in the heart of Colombia’s coffee country. It is full of lush greenery, culture and coffee estates. For a coffee lover, there is nothing quite like it.

One of my most vivid memories of this trip came on my first day there. It was not in the town or the hostel I was staying at or even hiking through the beautiful valleys. It was simply a moment of self awareness as I walked down a local dirt road. I was on my way to a coffee plantation for a tasting and I remember looking down and seeing my wallet, my watch, my camera, my phone and my wireless headphones and instantly recognizing how privileged I truly was. The longer I walked, the more humbled I became. Although I had spent much of my life in other countries, this was the time where I truly wanted to do my best to give back. As my thoughts wondered, I arrived at my destination, a local coffee plantation. I toured through and learned all about their process and traditions and it all came together as I sat down and took a sip of a truly authentic cup of Colombian Coffee.

This coffee was simplistic and yet complex all at the same time. The taste was unique and not one I had ever tried before. There was no bright packaging or flare behind the coffee, but with each sip I could taste the years of tradition that had been refined to make it. This is what founded The Just Coffee Company and what I hope it can bring to you. 


The Just Coffee Company was created to do two things:

  1. Ensure Coffee farmers are paid at a premium and that our practises are as ethical as humanely possible
  2. Bring this unique and authentic flavour to each of our customers


Our partners in Colombia have helped source our beans exclusively from microlot farms across the country. We have hand selected 4 different single origin premium roasts that each bring a unique and complex taste to the palate. To ensure the authenticity of our 4 varieties, our coffee is not only farmed but also roasted using traditional Colombian preparation and roasting processes. It is the local Colombian farmers who produce and roast our product.

With minimalistic packaging, we aim to purely sell you through our premium quality and natural taste. Each morning, this coffee takes me back to the beautiful countryside of Colombia and I hope it will do the same for you.




To learn more about how we give back to the Colombian farming community, please visit the “How We Give Back” page on our site!